Dear clients,

In today’s fast-moving world, digitalisation is an essential component of modern and efficient tax advice. We are pleased to present our next steps, which will not only make our collaboration more efficient, but also provide you with progress towards digitalisation.

We are expanding the use of FP-Sign, a leading German provider of digital signatures. This allows you to sign documents securely and in a legally compliant manner electronically or confirm receipt. This technology is fully integrated into DATEV, which increases the security and efficiency of our processes and offers you more flexibility. You can sign anywhere in the world without paper.

We have been using DATEV Unternehmen Online (DUO) for optimised collaboration for a long time. With DUO, you can digitally record, directly transmit and manage receipts. You can also use this platform to access all analyses from financial and payroll accounting securely and conveniently online.

Our digital transformation has many advantages: faster processing times, less manual intervention, greater security and the elimination of physical archives. This improves the traceability of our services.

Our roadmap for further digitalisation includes

  • Sending digital tax assessment notices via FP-Sign – From July 2024, you will receive your tax assessment notices including our cover letters.
  • Provision of financial and payroll data in DATEV Unternehmen Online – analyses in the third quarter of 2024 will be temporarily transmitted as before and additionally provided in DUO. After the mandatory changeover phase (3 months), the analyses will only be available in DUO.
  • Introduction of electronic signatures via FP-Sign for declarations of completeness and release declarations – planned for the fourth quarter of 2024
  • Dispatch of annual financial statements and tax returns via FP-Sign – Planned for the fourth quarter of 2024.

We will inform you about the individual steps in separate emails to ensure a smooth changeover.

We are convinced that these digital tools will enable us to offer you an even better service and at the same time make our processes more sustainable and future-proof

Your team from IStB Schulz