Tax consultancy

Reducing your tax burden to a minimum is where our service to you begins.

We can take care of your annual accounts, tax return, and financial and payroll accounting, represent you in communication with the tax office, prepare for and accompany you through external tax audits, and much more. In addition, we will proactively draw your attention to potential tax savings.

As a digital tax consultancy, we take consistent and effective advantage of all the benefits of going digital. Filing cabinets have no place in our offices. And we are happy to provide our clients with expert advice and support on their journey toward a digital future.

We would like to emphasize that tax consultancy at IStB is closely connected to business management consultancy. Let’s decide together which of our areas of expertise has the most to offer you.

Our key services

  • Tax registration and sales tax identification number (USt-ID)
  • Tax returns of all kinds to ensure compliance with your duties of declaration
  • Advice on tax structuring to minimize your tax burden
  • Tax-oriented accounting policies taking full advantage of accounting options
  • Selection of legal form and comparison of tax burdens
  • Review of contracts from a tax point of view
  • Correspondence with the tax office and other authorities on your behalf
  • Lodging appeals and actions with the courts
  • Advice and support during tax audits to ensure your interests are defended
  • Planning and preparation of profit distributions
  • Tax returns of all kinds to ensure compliance with tax obligations
  • Tax planning for tax rate optimization
  • Tax returns taking into account foreign circumstances
  • Planned transfer of assets to minimize inheritance and gift tax
  • Advice on occupational and private pension provision
  • Utilization of maximum amounts for special expenses
  • Optimization of the consideration of losses
Your specialist consultant

Rüdiger Schulz

+49 30 39 77 888 10

Important questions answered in advance

How do I appoint you as my tax consultant?
It's quite simple! You will find our contact form at the bottom of our homepage. There you can send us your contact details and a brief overview of your current situation. We will get in touch with you shortly.
How do I change my tax consultant?
It is easier than you think! You contact us and we advise you when the right time is for you to change to us. We provide you with all the necessary documents for the change and take care of the powers of attorney with the tax office. After consultation, you give notice to your old advisor. We will then contact your old advisor regarding the transfer of data.
When can I change my tax consultant?
Basically at any time. According to § 627 BGB (German Civil Code), the client has the right to terminate the tax consultancy contract at any time if no other individual contractual agreement exists. You need to look at the contract with your tax advisor. If nothing has been agreed, you can terminate the contract at any time without notice.
When is the best time to change tax consultant?
When is the best time to change tax advisors depends individually on the tasks to be carried out and your requirements. We will be happy to advise you on this in the context of a budding business relationship.
What are the costs of a change?
Basically, no costs arise from a change per se. Set-up costs or duplicate work by two consultants in a transition phase may well result in additional costs that would not have been incurred without a change. However, these costs will quickly be amortised through optimised processes.

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