Business accounting

We can take care of all your business accounting, leaving you free to focus on your day-to-day business.

As a digital tax consultancy, we have established efficient processes and interfaces that enable us to digitalize your business accounting in an up-to-date and legally compliant manner while always ensuring immediate accessibility. In doing so, we take your business accounting as the starting point for an analysis of your business activities. In addition, we ensure that all submitted documents are correct, for example for auditing. As a state-certified auditor, owner Rüdiger Schulz is your expert advisor when it comes to your annual accounts and other audit reports.

Our key services

    • Digital financial accounting (using the Unternehmen Online software) for prompt recording of your business transactions
    • Monthly accruals of income (changes in inventories of unfinished services, advance payments)
    • Payroll accounting to determine net salary and social security contributions
    • Annual accounts to determine business performance
    • Cost accounting for the analysis of cost centers and business areas
    • Custom reporting to present the company’s current position and as a basis for decision-making (controlling reports, planned values, target-actual comparisons)
    • Analysis of existing payroll and financial accounting and identification of existing potentials
    • Publication of annual accounts in the
    • German- and English-language compilation of financial accounting and annual accounts
    • Calculation of assets and liabilities statement and development of strategies to avoid the obligation to file for insolvency − protection of the entrepreneur
    • Audits of annual and consolidated accounts in accordance with the German Commercial Code (HGB)
    • Plausibility checks of financial accounting and annual accounts
    • Review of operational processes and internal control systems
    • Review of the appropriateness of transfer pricing and cost allocations
    • Due diligence checks for company acquisitions
    • Review of investment decisions
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Rüdiger Schulz

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Joanna Kochanowska

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