We at IStB are your digital tax consultants. Since 2020, we have been a verified Digitale DATEV Kanzlei, that is, our digital expertise has been certified by DATEV.

We encourage our clients to work digitally with us. The DATEV Unternehmen Online software enables clients to carry out fully digital accounting, including procurement and payment transactions.

The internet-based DATEV platform enables the fast, seamless exchange of data between client and tax consultant.
You can continue to work in your usual software environment – DATEV Online offers interfaces to feeder systems such as SAP, PayPal, and CIRCULA. 

This provides you with tax-compliant accounting. And faster and more conveniently than you might previously have imagined possible.

Digital financial accounting

  • Simple document uploading enables the easy exchange of data between client and tax consultant
  • Preparation of digital payment transactions
  • GoBD-compliant accounting
  • OCR document recognition
  • Easy transfer of incoming invoices
  • Digital procurement (quotations and outgoing invoices)

Digital payroll accounting

  • Upload function into digital personnel files via the DATEV Belege Online software, including digital recording of HR master data
  • Upload of sick notes, employment contracts, and all other HR-relevant documents, which can then be retrieved again at any time
  • Import and export of data to and from third-party HRM and attendance tracking systems; if required, the data can be extracted from Excel or CSV
  • Secure access for the retrieval of analyses such as the personnel cost overview
  • Payroll accounting based on the appropriate allocation of costs (breakdown by cost center)
  • Export of payment orders in DATEV Bank Online
  • Secure employee access for the automated provision of pay slips and other notifications using DATEV Arbeitnehmer Online

DATEV Arbeitnehmer Online

Arbeitnehmer Online is an online portal that employers can make available to their employees to enable certain digital processes. For example, payroll and salary documents are available in the DATEV cloud, allowing employees to access their documents conveniently and at any time on their mobile phone.
For you as an employer, the days of printing and distributing pay slips are coming to an end. Other notifications can also be automatically communicated to your employees in a legally compliant manner.

DATEV Bank Online

DATEV Bank Online is a smart and simple solution that allows you to obtain an overview of open invoices and conveniently trigger payment orders.
Salary payments, health insurance contributions, or payments to the tax office are imported directly from your payroll accounting, guaranteeing smooth and secure payment transactions.

DATEV Meine Steuer

No more shoeboxes full of receipts − the private tax return is going digital. With the DATEV Meine Steuer software, all receipts can be recorded digitally and then conveniently uploaded using an app or a PC. Sending receipts by post is no longer necessary.

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